Are you looking for talent? We might have just the thing…

Hungary is known for its good developers. Every year more than 500 of them attend our highly specialized conference! If you are looking for developers, be it abroad or in Hungary, this is the place to go!

Beyond allowing to bring your own marketing material that is placed in the goodie bags, our affordable sponsoring plans give you different opportunities to showcase your awesome company for the whole day. Whether you bring just a rollup, set up a booth in the main hall or showcase an incredible tech demo, one thing is for sure: you will get lots of eyeballs.

Bronze plan
Silver plan
Gold plan
Put stuff in the goodie bags
Logo on the homepage
Set up a booth
Have a room named after your company
Place your rollup in the room named after you
Give a short introduction of your company before the first talk
Amount of sponsorship 80 000 HUF
~256 EUR
+27% VAT if applicable
300 000 HUF now only 200 000 HUF
~1 000 EUR ~650 EUR
+27% VAT if applicable
500 000 HUF
~1 600 EUR
+27% VAT if applicable

Interested? Contact us today!

Corporate supporter tickets

If you wish to support the conference and need a corporate invoice, we are happy to provide you with one for donations above 5000 HUF / 15 EUR + VAT. Please contact István Palócz at or +36-30-9442806 for details.